Welcome to the Driver Ape Racing Club (DARC) a tribe of 7’777 Apes High Utility NFTs, who are completely obsessed with racing and cars. They are also ready to change the course of history.

If you already believe that the Driver Apes are just another collection of Apes, you will have to repent later. 

Driver Apes are the saviors of the planet. Well, maybe. They come from a small planet a few light years away from Earth called “The Silver Lightning”. This place is so named because all beings that live there need lightning to live and to grow.  All baby Driver Apes are born directly with a helmet on their head, and they never leave it during their lives.  At the age of 10, each Apes must climb the mountain of the elders for their initiation and place their helmet on the sacred rock. They must then wait for the Silver Lightning to strike their helmet to receive their power and strength.

They were a people known for their exceptional car races, their festivals and their large population.But for almost 3 years now everything has changed. The planet is experiencing an energy crisis that has completely disrupted their eco-system. They are suffering physically and morally and can no longer develop, because lightnings have not appeared since and this impacts their health and the technology of the planet.

The last Apes who have received the power of the Silver Lightning have created the Racing Club to give hope to the people. There are 7’777 of them. They are the last ones capable of saving their home world.

Recently, President Kong has declared the highest state of emergency. He chose to send the 7’777 Driver Apes to another planet for a secret mission for 7 years. By day they will be racing drivers for all the possible racing championships of this planet and by night they will have to work and develop a technology that captures the lightnings of this planet to save their own.

« It wasn’t easy to find the right planet, » said President Kong. « We had to find a place with a temperate climate and where the inhabitants have the same lifestyle as us, i.e., have children, eat and drive. The only planet that met these criteria was a small blue planet a few light years away. There, racing is even a profession, you can be on TV and earn a lot of money if you are good at it.

The Driver Apes couldn’t have asked for anything better. 

The 7’777 Driver Apes boarded a ship to this planet called Earth and became real stars on their own. Everyone wants t-shirts, helmets, or CDs with their faces on them. On this website you can buy one of their collectibles and who knows, maybe sell it for a fortune in the near future.

Each year 200 golden helmets were released into the wild and those who found them were invited to enjoy a full weekend at the DARC Karting tournament. The tournament took place in one of the 5 largest go-karting circuits in the world.


Take a seat, join other fellow Apes on Discord, and sip a glass of Champagne. The presale dates will be announced. We will be raffling 7 Driver Apes once we reach 20’000 members on Discord.


As you may have noticed, we have a special page on our website « My Helmet« . On this page, you will be able to customize the helmet of your choice. Then you will have to mint one of the 10 Apes sponsored by our partner Helmade to win your customized helmet. A discount will be offered to all other members who have not minted the Helmade Apes.


In collaboration with two of the hottest producers of the moment, we are already working on this album. We want our community to be immersed in the racing atmosphere everywhere and all the time.


The 200 golden helmets will be released. They will allow their holders to join the DARC family for our 1st Karting tournament at one of the 5 biggest circuits in the world.


The DARC Merch Store gets unlocked, featuring Limited Edition T-shirt, hoodies, and other goodies.

Win a ticket to participate in one of the most prestigious racing events 20 very special Apes will hold a ticket.

These Apes will give you access to one of the most prestigious racing competitions. The community will choose which competition between F1, Formula E, NASCAR, …


Once the whole collection is sold out. We will invite all DARC members to participate in a free immersive experience day. 


  • The founders of DARC grew up dreaming of driving beautiful cars and going on racetracks. It was a childhood dream for us. But other children were not as lucky as we were and lost their innocence too early due to serious illness. That’s why we want to invite sick children during a whole day to discover a real racing car circuit and give them the opportunity to get into these cars and do some laps with the DARC team.

We want to give back to the racing world

  • Our goal is to get in touch with several Formula 2 or Formula 1 teams and to sponsor a promising young driver for one year. We want to invite our community to choose the driver with us. Our goal would be to have the DARC logo on his car or racing suit.


1. STEP 1

Our goal is to make sure your investment is highly profitable. To do so, we will implement several strategies after the launch in order to increase the floor price.


After investing over $200’000 in marketing campaigns for our launch sale, we will continue injecting money in influencer marketing campaigns to keep the momentum going around the DARC. We want to make sure your Driver Apes thrives through time, and we believe the best way to do this is by planning multiple advertising campaigns, even after the initial sale is over.


We will reward Driver Ape holders for helping the project grow and the community thrives.


We are here for the long term. These are some of the things that we are looking at in the short term/long term. Once the mint is complete, we will start working on phase 2 of the project. To create our annual Karting Tournament where entry will be offered to club members and make it an annual event. To start the development of a DARC App where all club members will be able to use their own token as their character. And finally, our long-term goal will be to create the DARC race in the Metaverse.


The opinion of the Driver Ape holders is what matters to us the most. Every week, we will hold polls in our Discord channel for verified holders to voice their opinions on important decisions regarding the future of the project.

Got questions? We got answers!

An NFT (non-fungible token) is a piece of art that lives on the blockchain. Owning an NFT is just like owning a painting, but instead of owning it physically, you own it virtually, on the blockchain. DARC is a collection of 7’777 different NFTs that will live on the Solana blockchain.

Drive Ape Racing Club (DARC) is releasing a collection of 7’777 Apes who are completely obsessed with racing and cars. They are also ready to change the course of history.

We are unconditional fans of the Saga « Planet of the Apes » and the clothing brand Bape since we were 10 years old. For us choosing Apes was instinctive. In addition, our marketing strategy is targeted to real and existing groups. It is based on partnerships with 10 of the biggest car groups and car influencers from all over the world.  For all these reasons we are very confident and comfortable to have Apes and know that we are going to be a game-changer for the Solana Blockchain. And as it is so well said, men are descended from apes, so it is quite natural that we turn to them to write the future of humanity.

Yes, our first members have a VIP status and will be able to join the whitelist to participate our pre-sale. The date will be communicated once the Discord has reached 20’000 members.

As many as you want !

It will be available on our website.

Join our Discord or follow us on Twitter for updates. 

1. Win your personalized helmet 

2.Join us for our 1st Karting Tournament (physical event)

3.These Apes will give you access to one of the most prestigious racing competitions.

4.We start to develop the first race in the Metaverse (long term goal)

Become a racing driver too !

Follow us and be part of the Driver Ape Racing Club. 

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